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Pietech is a renowned Swift App Development Company offering cutting-edge services to businesses for their custom requirements. We quickly adopt the most recent technology as soon as it enters into the market to offer the most techno-driven mobile app development services to our customers. Released by Apple, Swift is the most popular object-oriented language. It comprises several advanced features that ease developers to make the development process more efficient and faster. Our veteran team of Swift app developers has in-depth proficiency in iOS app development with Swift. Using our award-winning app development strategy, we ensure businesses are able to build productive apps for their company that enhances their work ability and profitability.

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Our Swift Development Services

At Pietech, we offer highly secure, scalable and engaging Swift app development services to accomplish custom needs of different industry verticals. From a small startup to a big enterprise, we have proficiency to deliver end-to-end Swift app development solutions that efficiently meet your business needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Custom iOS Swift Development
  • Swift App Designing
  • Convert Objective-C App to Swift
  • Swift eCommerce Apps
  • Swift Social Networking Apps
  • Swift Healthcare Apps
  • Swift App Testing and Porting
  • Swift Maintenance and Support

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Why Swift App Development for Your Business

At Pietech, we offer top-notch Swift iOS Development services using the feature-rich Swift Language. Today, the unsurpassed benefits of Swift have made it a popular choice for businesses when it comes to mobile app development. Following are some key features that have made Swift a popular iOS App Development language for Business.

Secure Programming

In Swift code, optional types enable the possibility of a nil optional value, clearly. As soon as you write the wrong code, it generates a compiler error. This helps programmers to find the error immediately and make the code seamless. Thus, it allows solving problems instantly while writing code. This enables swift app developers to save their valuable time to spend on finding and solving bugs related to pointer logic.

Easy to Maintain

There is no need to maintain two code files in Swift like in Objective C. It combines two files; Objective C header (.h) and (.m) implementation file into (.swift) a single code file. Thus, Swift code is easy to maintain and update.

Integrated Memory Management

In Objective C, programmers need to handle memory management while working with any low level API’s or Core Graphics APIs. The problem of massive leakage of memory is not possible while working with Swift. The ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) handles all the function related to memory management at the time of compilation. This allows Swift iOS Developers to focus more on new features and core app logic.

Easy Code Readability

It makes easy code readability for programmers having efficiency in C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, etc. Swift is known as the successor of C and Objective C. It offers several rich features such as Closures unified using function pointers, functional programming patterns as well as Generics and many others that enable to make coding meaningful and easy-to-read.

Reduce Coding

There is no string manipulation and repetitive statement in Swift. The string interpolation and type inferencing system reduces the chance of common source of crashes which become a normal in Objective C. Swift reduces developers coding work as it require less coding due to its inline support that manipulates data and text strings.

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