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As the technology is transforming rapidly, so are the business requisites. Pietech is a Digital Transformer that specializes in product design and development along with product engineering solutions. Product Engineering means the innovative technology and designs, tests and deployed to develop a software product. We deliver digital software products enabled with a seamless user experience and flexible customized architected designs to get the maximum expected outcome. Come and experience the transformation in your business through impeccable product development and exclusive digital designs within a budget-friendly cost. Become the master of the next level of product innovation.

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Pietech delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.


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Support for Product Maintenance

Our job is not restricted to developing and designing the product but we also make sure that it continues to serve well according to your and most importantly the user’s expectations. Therefore, we have complete support for any issues that you may face.

Product Experience Design

With the intention of enriching the user experience on the product, our highly proficient UX designers come up with exceptional ideas that enhance the functionality of the software product and grabs the customer attention.

Robust Testing Solutions

Pietech has got some best Quality Assurance Managers and testers on the board to conduct a comprehensive testing on all the various tools to test the features and functionalities of the product before launching it.

Updating and Re-engineering the Product

The product once built needs to be updated and re-engineered at equal intervals. We go for the updates and re-engineering process so that your product does not fail to keep pace in the competition.

SaaS & Mobility Enablement

Our SaaS & Mobility Enablement services allow the other product and software firms to come up with the unique way of selling their products.

Prototyping and Building the Roadmap

We try to first validate the ideas of the client through the different prototyping tools and building the roadmap ahead before actually starting to go with product engineering.

Developing the Product and its Operations

We not only devote ourselves to optimize product development but also monitor the progress, market response and performance of the product. If there is any new development, we tend to grasp it as quickly as possible to keep you ahead in the competition.

Planning a Strategy for Product Engineering

Here we plan a comprehensive strategy according to the business requirements and market demands. It basically includes what type of latest software would be employed for product engineering and how it would benefit in achieving your business goals in the long run.

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