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Ethereum Application Development

Ethereum app development is a new innovation in the business world, but it's already proving to be a powerful tool for creating and managing blockchain systems, transparent smart contracts and brilliant new ideas about how companies can be organized. Ethereum apps can be tailored to whatever specifications a business plan needs to succeed, and then a distributed network of secure, open-source transactions can take over and drastically cut both transaction times and costs associated with running a global enterprise.

Ethereum development is a flexible approach to creating totally scalable apps that are tailored to the unique needs of a specific business. When an entrepreneur comes up with an idea that requires a distributed network to get off the ground, the Ethereum developer steps in to work out the bugs.

Apps developed on this software platform are known as distributed apps, and they can be used for almost any purpose, from documenting complex financial interactions to distributing fresh new music or playing video games. There's no limit to the creativity Ethereum allows in the apps it supports.

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Ethereum With Smart Contract

  • Smart contracts are one of the first major innovations Ethereum has brought to the world of business. Once the distributed smart contract app has been developed and distributed to all of the network nodes, transactions between businesses can run almost unsupervised.
  • Every transaction is logged on all servers with an agreed-upon code that is not even theoretically hackable. This guarantees security, while the fact that all parties can see the transactions happening in real time ensures transparency; just what's needed for overseas contracts and complex business relationships.
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Some Features of Ethereum

The Ethereum platform is loaded with features to add power to distributed apps. Every app on the network is stored, in its full form, at every node. This makes spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks highly unlikely to work and helps increase confidence in the system among all parties.

Another advantage to Ethereum is that it rewards hardworking computers on the network with a virtual currency called Ether. This cryptocurrency is tradeable on the open market, and coins are awarded by merit to any server that helps execute commands and speed up runtimes for others using the same nodes.

Benefits of Ethereum

ethereum with smart contracts

In addition to the enhanced safety and transaction speeds Ethereum allows through its distributed apps, the system also improves record keeping and reporting by automatically generating an unalterable record of each transaction in a chain. It also distributes decision-making across the whole network in a way that renders middle management all but obsolete.

Industries that use Ethereum

Accounting & Finance
information technology
Information Technology

Best Ethereum Wallet

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Exodus Wallet
jaxx wallet
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myether wallet
MyEther Wallet

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There's more than one Ethereum developer in the world, but the expert developers at Pietech have made a special study of the platform and its capabilities.

Pietech's immense talent pool probably knows as much about what Ethereum can do for business as any other group in the world, and it has the track record to prove it.

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