Pietech is quick to embrace the BigchainDB, a big distributed database, grouping blockchain proof of concepts and platforms to assist a wide range of industries.

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BigchainDB - The Scalable Blockchain Database

Imagine you had a database with all the advantages of an existing network – reliable, scalable and enterprise tested by millions of users – that also enjoyed the new benefits Blockchain technology brings, such as transparency, flexibility and decentralization. That's BigchainDB, and it's already starting to change the world.

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Key Features of BigchainDB

That's a big claim for a database network, but BigchainDB more than justifies it by bringing together all of the best ideas currently floating around the tech world to build an amazing platform for, potentially, petabytes of data. Key features of BigchainDB include:

Rich permissioning

Grant or deny access to users at almost any level. Bigchain's rich permission environment allows finely graded control over how your data gets handled, and it permits use for both public and private transactions.

Big data queries

Have you ever wondered how it feels to juggle petabytes of data in a single query? Bigchain's sophisticated query language lets you do just that, without the time and trouble of learning a new level-3 language to access your own database.

Native support of multiassets

Without a native currency to restrict or control, Bigchain is able to accept tokens in any currency, and in almost any form. However you're currently using Blockchain, Bigchain is compatible.

Open source code

Open source is honest code. Our DB software isn't a trade secret; in fact, it only reaches its full potential when everybody has access to the code and can see how it works. That open approach also encourages innovation from countless users worldwide, making Bigchain one of the few database technologies that's continuously improving.

Why Choose Pietech for BigchainDB

BigchainDB is open source code, so why should you go through Pietech to use it? Several reasons:


We hire the best people we can find, and so far we've found nearly 100 of them to work with us. Pietech employs over 90 pioneers in Blockchain and big data applications, and they bring together the expertise to provide world-class support for new users.


Beyond training and credentials, which we have plenty of, there's experience. We've been at this for over seven years, which is as long as anybody in the business.


Pietech has successfully pulled off over 500 contracts with clients like you, who all came away satisfied with how their projects came together.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how data gets handled. BigchainDB is at the forefront of that revolution in development, and there's no better place to get started with it than with Pietech. We're happy to hear from you about what you need, what your questions are, and even what projects you're currently using BigchainDB to accomplish. Reach out today to get in touch and learn what our Blockchain database can do for you.

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